Linenhall Arts Centreinsitu1

Linenhall Street, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland

10 April 2018 – 31 August 2018

Devised, curated, installed and managed by visual artist Ian Wieczorek



Declan Byrne’s colourful encrusted sculpture, decorated with dried up acrylic paint patiently collected from the palettes of fellow studio members, echoes the visual language of his paintings;
Michelle Colfer’s work is inspired by childhood memory and the idea of catching hope, the origami cranes (a traditional Japanese symbol of hope) suggesting fleeting yet vivid moments of utopia;
Fiona Harrington celebrates the complexity of the traditional craft of Irish lacemaking and proposes its future sustainability, propelled by the notion that preservation is possible through adaptation and reinvention;
Dympna Heanue reflects on the dichotomy between the beauty of nature and its imminent destruction;
Rebecca Lyons brings together the colours and technique of childhood folded ‘fortune teller’ geometry with ‘ephemeral’ zoomorphic forms, resulting in works that are curious yet familiar…
Lisa McLurg’s work is a personal response to the feeling of not having a child, exploring the notion of motherhood and questioning whether it is in our human nature to bear children;
Noel Molloy creates a pithy visual allusion to the association between State and religion;
Jane Queally’s work is concerned with the notion of the universal appeal and attachment to good luck charms or talismans, and the wonder/value of found objects;
Fiona Reilly, with her assemblage comprising every bus ticket from every journey taken on Dublin Bus since 2008, creates a simple yet eloquent physical representation of the usually ephemeral nature of the everyday;
Ian Wieczorek explores the serendipitous nature of artistic process, in this case based on the subject of the heart.


1. Rebecca Lyons
Giant Alien Urchin (post-it notes, sweet wrappers)



2. Noel Molloy
Flag 2016 (holy water bottles, paint)



3. Lisa McLurg
Seedbed (dandelion seed heads)



4. Fiona Harrington
Under Observation (handmade lace, card, Petri dish)



5. Jane Queally
Himalayan Luck (photograph, pony shoe, Himalayan stones)



6. Rebecca Lyons
Origami Cocoon (post-it notes, sweet wrappers)



7. Dympna Heanue
Eleventh Hour (clock, stones, seaweed, shells, feather, bird skull)



8. Michelle Colfer
Catching Hope 1-5 (hand printed origami, glass jars)



9. Fiona Reilly
Time Spent (bus tickets, blu tac, double sided tape)



10. Rebecca Lyons
Amoeba (post-it notes)



11. Declan Byrne
Encrusted Shoe (shoe, acrylic paint)



12. Ian Wieczorek
All Heart (photograph, drawing on paper, plaster of Paris, battery, canned heart)



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