The Cabinet of Wonders #4


Linenhall Arts Centre

Linenhall Street, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland

23 June – 23 September 2017

Devised, curated, installed and managed by visual artist Ian Wieczorek

The fourth manifestation of the Cabinet of Wonders is now on display in the Linenhall Arts Centre foyer.

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Cecilia Bullo entwines pain and pleasure in cutlery that evokes the psychological conflicting processes associated with eating disorders;

Lorcan Cassidy submits fictitious archaeological artefacts of Sonnunrec, a god of death, pestilence and famine;

Jenny Fox transforms a humble and undesirable everyday object into an arresting visual curiosity full of pithy verbal associations;

Pauline Garavan presents a metaphorical meditation on the ubiquitous nature of grass as a covering of the earth;

Maree Hensey continues her exploration of the relics of past and present lives;

Julianne Knowles captures the essence of two mirrored houses, “memories collected, subjective and sincere”;

Morwenna Lake offers an enigmatic and uncomfortable object allegedly procured by her Great-grandfather Aloysius Whipple during his gap year in the Alaskan wilderness;

Fiona Maye proffers a set of potion bottles made by the late ‘Queen of Connemara’ Bina McLoughlin which may just have inspired the work of renowned artist Christo…

Sandra McCall explores the often subtle dialogue between natural and man-made objects;

Áine O’Hara evokes the physical and psychological space of her grandmother’s living room;

Caroline Walshe presents a visual sonic score of sound poetry used in performance by sonic flâneur the Dowager Marchylove…


The Cabinet of Wonders is an ongoing project devised and curated by Ian Wieczorek.



1. Pauline Garavan

The Coat (grasspaper, dried grass, thread, wood)



2. Cecilia Bullo

Holy Anorexia (cutlery, thorns)



3. Morwenna Lake

Unholy Crown (birch bark, cotton thread, oak galls, pins, cotton canvas)



4. Julianne Knowles

House no. 21 (cotton-printed photographs, stitching, ink)



5. Caroline Walshe (An Snag Breac)

The Many Coney Islands of My Mind – Traveling Case for the Dowager Marchylove

(wood, cotton, brass, stones, glass, cork, cardboard, paper)



6. Julianne Knowles

House no. 22 (cotton-printed photographs, stitching, ink)



7. Sandra McCall

Unseen small things forgotten

(Egg Cases of the Common Whelk shell (Baccinum Undatum) & found sea rope)



8. Áine O’Hara

Mary’s House (mixed media)



Maree Hensey

Introspective (museum glass containers with ash and suspended metal)



10. Fiona Maye

Bina’s Bottles (mixed media)



11. Lorcan Cassidy

Amulet of Sonnunrec (cast lead), Follower Coin #1 & #2 (cast brass)



12. Jenny Fox

Rose Bowl (burst plastic ball, rose thorns, gilding)





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The Cabinet of Wonders #2 can be viewed at:

The Cabinet of Wonders #3 can be viewed at:

The Cabinet of Wonders #4

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